MEAL PREP 101: FREE Live Challenge

I made this for my clients -- now I'm sharing it with you! It's my free meal prep workshop and in this live course you'll learn how to master your meal prep. If you're ready to save time, money and lose weight, this is for you! 


Hi! My name is Christie and I help women create healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen. In less than one hour per week, you will have meals ready at your fingertips!

Meal Prep 101 is right for you if....

  • You have a busy schedule....Together we will prep everything you need (and it won't take hours and hours)
  • You are looking for a community....You won't be doing this alone -- you'll have a community of women doing this with you!
  • You don't know what to make....You'll receive video Prep Tutorials to show you my exact system