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Challenger Success Stories

Creating success stories is my passion!

Here’s just a few of the ladies I work with who were willing to take a chance, find HOPE again and reach their health and fitness goals!

I was not yet 40 years old and found myself weighing in at over 200 lbs. I was unhealthy and unhappy with my looks and the clothes I had to wear. I wasn't sleeping well at night because of sleep apnea and had heartburn all the time. My doctor had just diagnosed me with Achilles tendinitis and told me to lose weight to help with the soreness. I couldn't walk any distance without feeling the pain in my ankle. I knew I would be this way for the rest of my life and maybe get worse. I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was upset, I ate when I was stressed and any other times I felt like it. Then I was introduced to Beachbody and the 21 day fix. I learned to eat healthy and how to portion my meals by using the meal plan and containers. I exercised everyday and soon I got better at the workouts and started feeling better. All of a sudden, I had to buy new, smaller clothes. I was so excited. I met my goal in 6 months which was to lose 50 lbs. I've since used a few other Beachbody programs and have no intention of going back to where I was. I now sleep soundly at night, have no more heartburn at all, my ankle is back to normal, I can walk and run and have so much energy. It's been amazing!

Jennifer Roberts

The year before I started with Beachbody and Shakeology was the most challenging of my life. I went through a journey that took me through a surgery to remove a mass from my abdomen, moving our home, a second surgery to remove two more masses that grew where the first had been, got diagnosed with a rare cancer called fibrosarcoma, which resulted in a third radical surgery of the same part of my abdomen. The end result after three surgeries was removal of an entire section of skin, oblique muscle, tissue, and bone gristle, and a new abdominal wall built by amazing doctors to restructure me. Recovery was hard and involved learning to walk again. Thanks to the help of Shakeology and Beachbody I fueled and rebuilt my body’s strength from the inside out and learned how to eat the right foods, in the right amount for me, and still enjoy foods I loved. Thanks to my coach, Christie, and my support team, I was encouraged every day. Within 6 months I had the strength to complete my first 5K! I now drink Shakeology EVERY day, run three days per week, and do the amazing workouts Beachbody has to offer using Beachbody on Demand. I LOVE that the workouts can all be modified for myself. I am also now a coach helping others to learn to live healthy and fuel themselves to conquer their world.

Lee Tompkins

I have gained and lost significant weight at least 4 times.  Twice with weight watchers, once with a gym program and the most recent was with Medi-weight loss.  Each time I was happy to be losing weight and I was very focused and lost weight quickly.  In hindsight, I lost the weight but wasn't focused on healthy nutrition: just calories/points and the scale.  For the medi program, the first two weeks was 500 calories per day and ONLY protein.  That is not healthy.  At any rate, I kept the weight off for awhile but then, each time, life got in the way, I stopped going to weekly meetings, stopped paying attention to what I was eating and gained it all back.   In January 2016 I saw a 5 day clean eating challenge on Facebook and since I had my usual New Years resolution to lose weight, I decided to try it.  That's how I met my coach Christie (online and eventually in person).  I got started on Shakeology which I still drink every day and the 21 day fix.  I lost 50 pounds and was at my goal weight by late May.  My blood work improved so much, I was amazed.  Since then I have stayed on track doing different exercise programs, participating in challenges and using the Facebook group for support.  Reading about others challenges and successes helps keep things in perspective. The 21 day fix plan was easy to follow and focused on the right nutrients for your body.  I will be honest and say I was skeptical about doing home workouts - when I downsized my house I gave away a ton of exercise equipment and videos.  But I now enjoy getting up every day and getting my workout in.  No excuses about weather or gym hours or anything else can get in the way.  I've kept the weight off for 9 months now and I'm feeling better than ever.

Pam Lieberman


I am a mother of three boys and the co-founder of Team Global Impact. I became overweight after I became a mom. I tried many different diets but nothing worked.  Between 2011-2012 I lost almost 50lbs doing different diets but by October 2013 I had gained half the weight back and that’s when I decided to try Beachbody. I lost 30 lbs. and my body changed completely. I changed to healthy eating and drinking Shakeology once a day. I feel better than ever and I work everyday towards my health and fitness.

I have done Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, Body Beast, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix ,21 Day Fix Extreme, the 3 Day Refresh and The Ultimate Reset.  My favorite Shakeology is Vegan chocolate.

It has been a pleasure to see Christie flourish into the amazing coach she is. She has done this by really being proof that if you commit it works. She has transformed herself from the inside out and it's a pleasure to have her as part of our team-Global Impact. She continues to focus on helping others reach their goals and gives so much of herself to others. She is one of the leaders from our team and brings so much knowledge and inspiration to strive for more and help more people.

Claudia Bermudez  

Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Co-founder of Global Impact

My Beachbody journey began in 2002. I had just given birth to my son and was looking for an at-home workout that was short on time and effective. I saw Slim in 6 from an infomercial and decided to give it a try.  I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. Then a few years later (2007) I decided to start Turbo Jam and I got in decent shape from that as well. When I turned 40 though it was as if my metabolism switch was turned off. I tried my old methods of eating whatever I wanted and working out really hard but guess what…that didn't work anymore. In the past I had NEVER followed the nutrition plan, only the fitness. So I began joining various gyms/boot camps in my area. I would literally workout sometimes for two hours 5 days a week but still not see progress. When I turned 44 I started getting weight related issues such as acid reflux and borderline hypertension. I had always considered myself a healthy person so I couldn't understand why this was happening.

 A visit to Florida would change my life forever. My sister-in-law Claudia was there and I hadn’t seen her in a while. My mouth dropped when I saw her. She had lost 35 pounds and looked so healthy and happy. I was amazed at her transformation and asked what she was doing.  She told me she was doing the 21 Day Fix and when I told her I had several Beachbody programs she explained that I needed to follow the nutrition plan. I committed to the Focus T25 fitness program and the 21 Day Fix meal plan and in five months I lost 40 pounds! I have kept it off since then. Now I hope to inspire others and help them achieve their health and fitness goals. I am the co-founder of Team Global Impact. Our Challenge Group was formed in June 2014 and to date we have 400+ members. We are changing lives one person at a time. You don't need to be a personal trainer or have a degree in nutrition to do this. You just need to care about people.

Laura Cordero

Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, Co-founder of Global Impact