This is turning out to be a fantastic year for anyone subscribed to Beachbody On Demand. First, we had 80 Day Obsession, and now LIIFT4! What is LIIFT4? 

LIIFT4 Program Breakdown:

Trainer: Joel Freeman
Difficulty: Intermediate
Program Length: 8 weeks
Commitment Time: 30-40 minutes, 4 days/week
Equipment Needed: light, medium & heavy weights (depending on your current strength)
Best For: toning and sculpting muscle, fat/weight loss
Release Date: Available on BOD Oct 1st

What is LIIFT4?

The name actually explains precisely what you’re getting with this program.

LIIFT4 = Lift + HIIT 4 days/week

These workouts focus on weight lifting to build and tone your muscles, while HIIT cardio (high intensity-interval training) help you burn fat and lose weight more quickly!

And only 4 workout days per week? That means weekends off AND a break during the week—yes! By allowing 3 days off, it gives your muscles time to rest and rebuild, meaning you’ll be able to push harder and do better on your the workout days.

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It’s the perfect program for busy people!

Not only do you get 3 days off per week but each workout is only around 30 minutes long! I just completed the program and that was one of my favorite parts. Short and sweet with 3 days off!! 


LIIFT4 Results

Check out some of these results!

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LIIFT4 Questions Answered!

What is the LIIFT4 meal plan?

If you've done any other Beachbody program, you've probably already guessed that this nutrition plan uses the portion control containers! And you'd be right.

  • Uses Portion Fix Containers (from 21 Day Fix)
  • Allows 1 “Cheat Day” EVERY WEEK!
  • Uses Beachbody Performance Line

There are TWO different meal plans depending on your goals: one to lose weight, one to build muscle.

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And the burning question about the nutrition plan…

Is alcohol allowed on the nutrition plan?
The answer is YES! You’re allowed alcohol during your cheat day on the LIIFT4 plan (in moderation, of course).

What equipment do you need for LIIFT4?
Another thing to love about this the amount of equipment you’ll need:

3 Sets of Weights (Light/Medium/Heavy)
OR Resistance Bands

A fitness or yoga mat and a foam roller are recommended, but not required.

There will be an option to use resistance bands instead of weights. And just like with all of our programs, the weights or resistance bands you use will depend on your current strength. If you’re not sure which size to start with, talk to your Coach!

What can you expect from the workouts?
The program is broken down into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Build
Phase 2: Shred

During Phase 1, the workouts will focus more on muscle building. While there will still be a HIIT component during Phase 1, the focus is more on lifting weights and building strength. As you move into Phase 2, more time will be allocated to the HIIT component to help you lose more weight and lean out.

Each day focuses of specific muscle groups and every workout starts with lifting first, then ends with some HIIT!

And you’ll never do the same workout twice.
There was a new workout filmed every single day, so just like with 80 Day Obsession, you’ll never be following along to the same video more than once.

Is LIIFT4 for men or women?
It’s for BOTH! Men and women will both get great results from this program! (I mean, did you see the results from both above?!)

When does the program release?
LIIFT4 launches for everyone on Oct. 1st

Are You In?!

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