Hi! Today I wanted to give you one of my favorite recipes! It’s a recipe for overnight oatmeal and these are easy, delicious and convenient because you can just grab them in the morning and take them with you if you're heading out the door. As an extra bonus, they're healthy too!

I'm going to give you step by step instructions on how to make these. I'm using a recipe that uses frozen mixed berries but you can use any kind of fruit that you like.

A lot of people like apple and cinnamon which is a great combination. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest and on the internet for different varations for overnight oats but I’m just sharing the one recipe I love.

I use portion control containers to measure my ingredients because this is the system I use to stay on track with my goals.

Video Tutorial

Step 1

Measure your old fashioned oats in a blue container and pour them into a wide mouth pint size mason jar. (Definitely use a wide mouth mason jar. Otherwise it's hard to eat out of the jar)

You measure your oats in a blue container because when these are cooked or mixed with water they expand and then measure out to a yellow container which a carb.  

You can use either old-fashioned regular oatmeal or steel-cut oatmeal. The steel-cut oatmeal will have a little more crunch and texture to it whereas the regular oats will be more creamy. This is totally personal preference.

Step 2

Pour a blue container of water into your mason jar.

Step 3

I like to add honey and cinnamon to my overnight oats so if you want to add this too, put a ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey in your mason jar.

Step 4

Take 1 red container of plain Greek yogurt and add this to your mason jar. I personally like the Fage plain Greek yogurt.

Some people like to keep their overnights overnight oats layered and other people like to premix them the night before. I personally like to premix mine.

The difference between the layered overnight oats and the premixed overnight oats is that at this point if you were going to layer it, you would leave your ingredients as is and just put your fruit on top.  If you want the mixed overnight oats, you would mix your ingredients at this point before adding the fruit to the top.

Step 5

Add a purple container of frozen mixed berries to your mason jar, put the lid on and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning when you go to eat this, you can mix it all together so the berries and oats are combined.

I’ve been known to eat these for breakfast or lunch and I have also taken them on trips. They are perfect for traveling because you can put them in a cooler and then stick them in your hotel refrigerator and they stay fresh for several days. If you have an overnight oats recipe you like, I’d love to know what your favorite is!