For the last three weeks I decided to challenge myself with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat program. You might be thinking, challenge yourself with yoga? Yes! For me, slowing down is a challenge. I have always known that yoga is good for me, but had a hard time making it part of my exercise routine. I was also intimidated by yoga. I mean, when you think of YOGA, do you think about weird humming, candles, hippie stuff, and weird gurus?

I used to also. 

But that isn’t really what YOGA is about. In fact, I’ve come to learn that YOGA is more about flexibility, STRENGTH (yes, strength), and being limber! If you remember things like P90X Yoga, 21 Day Fix Yoga, or even P90X3 Yoga, you’ll know they have their UPS and DOWNS. BUT…they are missing a vital piece:

Foundation Yoga

If you want to try Yoga and are too intimidated by the complicated poses, or you think you aren’t flexible enough, you are going to LOVE the 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

21 Days, and 30-minutes per day or shorter is all you need to get set-up for success with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat. 

3 Week Yoga Retreat – The GOOD Stuff To Know!

The Classes of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat Consist Of:

  • MONDAY: CORE – foundation of YOGA starts in your core. This class focuses on exercises that engage, activate, and build awareness of these muscles.
  • TUESDAY: STRETCH – aimed at helping you stretch, extend, and lengthen all muscles with a variety of easy-to-start poses.
  • WEDNESDAY: BALANCE – postures that will help engage the core and develop better balance inside and out.
  • THURSDAY: FLOW – the class you’ll put everything you’ve learned so far to work in a nonstop “flowing” format. This is the Vinyasa flow that you might remember from other Beachbody programs.
  • FRIDAY: FLOW TO GO – shorter, more advanced version of Thursday’s class that features less cueing.
  • SATURDAY: RELAX – just like it says…a relaxing class.
  • SUNDAY: TAKE 10 – short, 10-minute classes that help you wake up, wind down, or work abs. Pick one or do all three!

So, for three weeks I stuck to the program and saw incredible changes in my body. I lost 5.6 pounds in 21 days and improved my energy, mood, and flexibility. I simply FEEL better 3 weeks later. I had a chance to breathe and just “be” for at least 30 minutes per day. No agenda. No stress. Just letting all of the tension melt away as I exhaled. It was truly glorious. This program comes with a specific meal plan which I followed. The recipes were delicious and the meal plan was super easy to follow. Here are a few of my meals from the meal plan.

If you've followed my journey, I want to wrap up my week 3 journey with a little bit of information on what this program is all about.

The 3 Week Yoga Retreat was designed for beginners who want to try yoga, but don’t have a foundation. It is designed for anyone who is intimated by yoga and thinks they aren’t “flexible enough” to practice it. It’s also designed for people who aren’t confident enough to go into a yoga studio just yet because they lack the base level information. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also designed for people who wish to complement their current routine by improving their flexibility and core strength. The program doesn’t involve chanting or anything like that. It is simply yoga. A learned foundation and the opportunity to expand upon that. That’s it.

If you’ve been loving my journey and want to try it out for yourself, I’d love to help you! Send me an email at with the subject “3 Week Yoga Retreat” so I can hear your goals!